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  • Wednesday Jul 15th
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L.E.A.D. Management Consulting Group, LLC


Organizational Structure

L.E.A.D. is based in Columbus, Ohio. L.E.A.D. has business associates in the following disciplines: Human Resource Management, Business Law, Academia, Certified Public Accounting, Financial Planning, Business Insurance, Training & Development, Executive Coaching, and Information Management Technology...


Our Mission

To provide in-depth analysis, planning, execution, consultation, and coaching services designed to improve an organizations' competitive position and increase its market share while adhereing to the client's business vision.



Market Segment

Startups and small to medium sized businesses in the Private, Public, Government, and Non-Profit sectors.


Target Market

Environments where start-ups or existing organizations desire to expend their service offerings. L.E.A.D. also targets organizations that are experiencing leadership, management, operational, cultural or other types of internal issues, as well as conerns surrounding slow growth or minimal market share.


Key Customer

Directors, executives, and managers who are committed to developing and maintaining a focused approach to protecting and growing their organizations through sound leadership and ethical practices.


Getting Started

Putting your business on the path to continued success begins with an assessment by a L.E.A.D. Management Consultant.

Please review the list of our services and contact us today to begin transforming your business.

Organizational Assessment

Business Risk, Operations, Management, and Leadership

Strategic Business Planning

Enterprise, Marketing, Pricing, and Sales Support

Project Management

Execution (Plan Implementation), Training & Development, Executive Coaching

Additional Services

Certified Public Accounting, Legal, Insurance, and Information Technology

Connect With Us

L.E.A.D. Management Consulting Group, LLC

“Let us pre-evaluate your business and help you find quantifiable solutions.”
“Our strategic implementations will get you there!”

Contact Information

  • Email: consultants@leadmcg.com